Trekking and excursions on Elba island

There's a special intimate beauty of Elba which reveals itself only to those who are willing to sweat to earn it. The charm of Elba consists in an alchemy between the sea and the earth, as the sea appears and disappears with your every pace. Climbing up through the rocky paths which divide into nature's green you can really become one with the soul of Elba, and learn how the locals, before becoming fishermen or tourist operators, were simple peasants, farmers and miners.
The island of Elba is a precious jewel which nature has provided us with. It's certainly inviting with its clean and clear water, fine golden sand, smooth and inviting rocks (where you can calmly sunbathe in complete privacy), but to visit it by foot hiking up the paths, you discover a whole other world. It's like losing yourself in a dream, far away from civilization, discovering nature's silence, views and scents. The variety of landscape offers incomparable beauties which remind you of an artist's palette with the variations of colors and scents.

The ideal time of year to visit Elba is, of course, springtime, when nature bursts its colors and the many various flowers paint the countryside, yet also autumn offers a variety of fiery colors and a favorable climate. The Island of Elba is entirely covered by thin wiry paths, even though some of them, mainly in the eastern part of the island, have been invaded by the overgrown vegetation. The classical itinerary for a hiker is the "G.E.C" (Grand Elban Crossing) which is considered the "backbone" of the Island, crossing over the island from Cavo to Pomonte, or vice versa, and it can also be done following diverse paths.

Trekking on the Island of Elba Trekking on the Island of Elba Trekking on the Island of Elba

While walking on one of the paths that lead from Mount Perone to Mount Capanne you come across one of nature's miracles, the "butterfly sanctuary". Even though the woods here were planted artificially, many species of butterflies find it the ideal ambient to feed and hide away from the summer heat.

Elba doesn't forget to think about those who aren't able to enjoy the panoramic views, as a matter of fact a route for the sight impaired has been built. This path is large, easily reachable and also has itinerary signs which are written in brail to explain the characteristics and type of vegetation present. Thus making Elba possible for everyone to enjoy.

Elba also offers great opportunities to fans of rock climbing, with different degrees of difficulty. Incredible but true we also have set courses for mountaineering fans. These paths are on cliff edges which drop onto the sea, but not to worry, they are well nailed down and tiled at the panoramic stops. These paths are also accessible from above.